I am not going to dwell on the actual instant .

It comes suddenly and grips you like a tight rope.

Cold sweat,difficulty of breathing,nausea etc.

There is confusion about the reasons  and symptoms creating this situation.

Now if there is not evident cause due to illness , the first thought which should prevail is …

“What is happening is self-created”, a way of  dealing  wrongly with a fear and it is up to me  to deal with this.”

Breathe deeply,empty all the air from  your belly and concentrate on doing just that .

Each breath, is the only  concern one should have while the whole “drama” takes place.

You will find that little by little the helplessness lessens and even though one can feel the effects, they are by no means overpowering.

One of the outcomes is that one feels humbler and Connected

to the Source after similar experience.

♥Keep smiling