Have been trying  to minimize the quantity of stuff laying around the house for ages.

There are things I don’t have use for, at present.

So today after my lovely walk rather than ignoring  the decision I took a year back, here I was clearing space.

Few hours later the feeling of having accomplished one of my goals is awesome.

That’s not to say I have  completed the task,not at all.

It might be sometime before I continue.

However that’s not the point I want to make here.

The point is that we don’t have to be always efficient and perfect. This is not a race to run.

It is about observing the process and learning from it.

What I learned today is that, there is time to hold on to feelings, emotions etc. and there is time to let go.

The space between is like a ground in need of cultivation.

We clear the earth,prepare it, for when the time comes  planting the different bulbs for later on.

Like decisions.The right time comes when the process has been thought out.Then it’s easy to execute it. Keep it simple.