♥  HaPpY LoViNg DaY eVerYoNE  ♥

Tomorrow we celebrate Love, we send cards and affirm our love towards people we love.

We build expectations and hope to have our love reciprocated.

Tomorrow there will be some happy and others less happy people around us.

To save the heartache I would say LOVE always anyway.

Love cannot be bought or forced upon anyone.

Express  Love  to the people around you without conditions without demands.

Love is to be to be shared freely and uncondionally.

Does it sound unealistic?

Depends  on how you look at it.

Loving makes the heart glow;it is the fresh breeze that clears  webs of resentment and bitterness.

It opens the Gates to InFinity.

If you truly LOVE  you will feel HarMony and PeaCe.

Sweet dreams