You wake up in the morning and you are in the present moment.

A whole day ahead of you to live and experience.

How do you see this new day?

What are your thoughts,what are your aspirations?

What is your outlook to Life?

Are you ready to find faults and complain about what you don’t have?

There, stop for a  minute.

We have learned to look at life in a certain way according to culture and upbringing as well as our own ideas.

This becomes the map we try to fill in with names such as thoughts,habits,reactions.

Our life is full of habits based on thoughts based on preconceptions about how things are or ought to be.

Where can we go from there? Well we can either choose to remain where we are,facing each day as a drag or maybe ,start making steps.

What steps can we take? There my dear ones is the tricky part. No one can do it for us but ourselves.

Wishing for a wonderful day with smiles