Cosmic Heart




Sorting out emotions is a process.

Be patient.

Like a river they have to flow feeling the expanse of something greater than personal vendetta.

We don’t want to have short satisfaction or short term victory.

We as Being have to have compassion.

We may feel anger and bitterness.

However through practice we learn to distinguish between what we ought to do and what we are impelled to do .

Remember our role is neither to judge others nor to interfere with their own journey.

Sometimes it’s painful to watch others making mistakes and hurting themselves.

Life provides lessons which determine what course we shall take later on in life.

We make unconscious and conscious decisions all the time.

We  as Being have the obligation to be aware of our  own actions and thoughts.

Clear heart brings clear horizon of consideration.The process goes on and on.

Nothing is predetermined….we  keep making our own path through Now.

It goes on forever. Pray the choices we are making are  defined by noble motivation.

WE are the masters of our fate We are the masters of our soul.