I don’t know what to write about tonight.

My spirit is low and I think I know the reason.

Whenever I get too involved

with what is happening

on a physical level then

things start going wrong.

I begin to worry about everything under the sun.

Possible things going wrong,

what is going to happen tomorrow

and what  has happened in the past.

This is the moment

I need to raise  my awareness.

I know we can’t change the past.

I know we can’t determine what life brings our way.

I know we can’t foresee what the next moment is.

How do we deal with worry and anxiety?

We need to elevate thought .

The current happenings are as they are


if we can’t change anything

then we might as well accept it.

You have heard often enough

“everything happens for a reason”.

Sometimes  I am inclined to believe

we don’t  even have to know.

What we must do is to be aware

of our state

the space we are in.

When Harmony Is our arrowhead,

thought is Harmonious.

This should be our primary focus.

I do not claim to  have reached this point yet;

I have experienced being in that state

and I can assure you

life becomes easier to bear and deal with.

Anyway tomorrow is another day;pray I  focus better on my state.