We have been trying for years

to be PerFect.

No faults, no mistakes whatsoever.

When we begin to think

we might  be anything



we worry


we are hard on ourselves for being

anything but perfect.

Often enough we go through life believing we are Perfect.

ha ha ha

History will repeat itself


we look with care into to what has happened and set out to change it.

The key is awareness

So here is what I think about it.

I decided I don’t want to be PerFect.

I want to make mistakes

because through them

I learn to question myself

the I

that seems to have the upper hand,

the I that is proud and narrow-minded

the I

that is ready to explode, be angry


miss the point completely

simply because I… wants to be PerFect.

I throw pride and ignorance away

I sail through clouds of iridencent Light and Love

I turn anger and fear into a well of Understanding

I BeCome humble

I BeCome

I Breathe.