Snowing today again! It’s maybe this time of the year.

Spring dances uncertainly through sleet and rain.

An interesting feeling rises.

When  plants and Life in general should be blossoming

cold weather conditions  hold it back.

Can I associate that with our personal growth?

How many times  do we feel we have made a step forward

only to find out that  in actual fact we haven’t?

Growing is about learning.

Learning happens when we allow it to happen.

We can spend years and years without achieving anything

simply because we haven’t opened a window of opportunity.

We do spend time being angry and resentful and if

we are not  careful we can make it a lifetime of grief.

The victim-syndrome” no doubt has its own rewards;

it doesn’t promote learning nor does it help us to grow.

It creates an environment where we are comfortable to be in,

feeling sorry for ourselves and demanding the right to be miserable.

My Spring is filled with optimism and creative thoughts.

There are clouds, there is rain and often snow in my heart yet

I will diligently cultivate the garden of thoughts

  waiting for Spring.