Round  and round we circle

here we go again.

I guess for thought to become clearer

stages are needed

so knowledge becomes understanding

I have been at it for the past  few weeks.

Maybe I have become more aware of  the workings of certain institutions

fighting for “rights and justice”.


Due to this “frenetic activity” however

I have  noticed that there is a weight I bear everyday with fewer smiles.

This tells me I might be doing  something wrong.

UnderStanding  brings PeaCe and HarMonY.

Awareness brings out the Rainbow of LOvE.


It leads me to see  my thoughts have been  misplaced.

I am learning we can’t really change a  situation

due to outside influences.

Options are open to us.

What do we choose?

Heavy takes us down, with further consequences to body and soul.

Moving  our perspective slightly, brings us to a different level of consideration.

Now this:

is our choice.

Having spent weeks being unhappy about a  situation

I now choose Light.





It’s not that I turn away from the world. It’s that I turn towards something greater.
And in those quiet moments there are two hearts beating as one.
Vincent Cole






Absorbed in this world,

you’ve made it your burden.

Rise above this world.

There is another vision.

All your life you’ve paid attention

to your experiences,

but never to your Self.

Are you searching for your Soul?

Then come out of your prison.

Leave the stream and join the river

that flows into the Ocean.

It will not lead you astray.

Let the beauty you seek be what you do.