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Here we are . Another day unfolding with all the lessons included in moments.

Outside Spring gradually stretches out

birthing blossoms and life.

In times of adversity the learning becomes intense and fruitful.

We learn how to clear the shrubs and webs away looking for the green tender shoots.

for the new to be able to grow strong and healthy.

Seeing Is an imperative.

What lies beneath the phenomena.

Beneath the Seeming.

deep under the realm  of appearance,

where all the confusion,delusion,illusion thrive.

Mirrors of the decadence and nihilistic existence

suicidal, sugar- coated,

“free and just” .

Mirrors will show you the reflection of a man made Now.

Mirrors will give a true reflection, of an Illusion.

How this world is meant to be, as it is.

Full of derision and suspicion.

Full of destruction and obstruction.

Full of unhappy souls seeking quick and sensational solutions.

Mirrors presenting misty and broken dreams.

Cultivating rivers of vanity and shallowness.

Do we  really want to keep the blindfolds on?

For a time it might even be convenient.

Only until the tentacles of Illusion attempt to drag you down.

When traits such as pride,fear,guilt are called to attention.

Then my good people,the eyes open and the truth comes home.

The only freedom we can ever experience is that  within.

Freedom is Peace

to dream,create,imagine, expand











“Compassion is sometimes the fatal capacity for feeling

what it is like living inside somebody else’s skin.

It is the knowledge that there can never really be

any peace and joy for me until there is peace and joy finally for you too. ”

  ~ Frederick Buechner