Sitting tonight,  allowing  pure thoughts to fill my heart

something is missing.

The day,pleasant  enough especially after my acupuncture session and sunshine.


There is a wave of anxiety and suffocation.

All part of life I hear you say.

I know

I repeat that to myself .

People are helpful,kind,understanding.

They offer their advice and care.

I stand alone in a midst of confusing feelings,

anger among them.

A wrong can never be righted.

Now here ,I have a choice.

I choose , after trying hard, to look further than what actually happened.

My practical self with substantial help,  looks for solutions.

It is a minimal move but significant to my spirit.

This is a message of hope.

If you are facing similar situation,

please don’t get stuck on the event and cause of your unhappiness.

You can sulk it’s permissible but remember to move on.

Sulking might leave the impression that it helps and to a certain extent it does.

It gives us time to readjust,feel and test the waters before the great leap.

Remember a Rainbow of Love is waiting for you on the other side.




Bren Parks Life-Is-A-Gift-Of-Nature-Quote_620





Clear out inner clutter
In a state of complete calm and utter honesty
face yourself and your life
and go through both piece by piece.
Seek out all the little embellishments and untruths
that have accumulated over the years
and have a good clear out.
You need to create room in your heart….
A big empty space where you can store away
the handful of things that matter most to you.
That are pure and good and faithful and true.

From the book: Ways to Fly