mystical forest



We are busy 

meeting deadlines

we are busy

making plans

we are busy

being frustrated

we are busy

rushing  around

we are busy



When we are not busy, doing

we are busy otherwise.

As incredible as it may sound

being busy

stops us thinking  of anything 

deeper or  important.

We fill our lives with clutter


You  can only answer this.

I can only answer by looking inside.

The chains get tighter and tighter,

the world gets suffocating


life becomes miserable despite the “fun”.

Being Busy curtails our capacity  of  enjoying the moment,

dreaming creative horizons,

weaving Rainbows of colourful skies.

Life has demands to which we should

try and respond to the best of our ability.

However we should


stop remembering 

LiFe Is much more than earthly obligations and chores.

Yes we have to meet our responsibilities to the best of our ability

but also to stay focused and centred.

As long as our eyes can stay fixed on who we really are…




after ,

All Is Well

The UlTimate


the ConNection

we replenish.



I am a radiant being of light

I am spiritual LOve

I am connected to the Universe

I am in harmony with the Universe

…I am joyous and harmonious…

…I am living my best life now

I am LOveable

I am powerful I am worthy

I choose LOve,Joy and Freedom

I forgive those who hurt me

I choose to think positive thoughts

I LOve Myself for,who I am

I trust in the process of Life

Life is a joy filled with delightful suprises

My strength comes from forgiveness

I invite miracles in my life

I allow wonderful things to flow from to me

When I believe in myself so do others ♥