keyboard and hat

I feel the world  is going more insane by the minute

covered by a cocoon of ignorance.

Being  part of it ,willingly or unwillingly

doesn’t change the fact.

The more entangled I become in  the tendrils

of   the reigning confusion

I begin to wonder.

Do you have the same feeling?

I know I am definitely  not mainstream

as I have been told on numeral occasions


what has that   to do

with our understanding of

what is happening in our life and around us?

The question is: do I really want to understand?

I am someone who “lives in the clouds” most of the time.

I appreciate little things and most of the time I am content with LiFe.

I don’t long for possessions,glitter and limelight.

I enjoy my creative times,

being with special hearts


transforming  thoughts into words.

Being AwaRe  is  my prime focus and aim.

What the world has to offer leaves me unimpressed.

I try to live a simple life,

which proves to be difficult at times,


when the outside influence

mocks and meanders .

But you know what?

I refuse to succumb and backslide.

My refuge is a garden filled with Love.

I don’t scorn or judge others.

Their path is as complicated as mine.

What I want is to


no matter the challenges I meet on my way.

If something doesn’t break you, it will make you strong