Life is a challenge I hope you agree.

Maybe sometimes it’s less challenging than others, for some.

My focus today is: when things get a bit heavy.

All “part of the plan”;

I strongly believe nothing happens by chance .

So how do we face  problems come knocking on our door?

Having recently been in a similar situation

I can now look back and retrace my reactions and feelings,

where, I went wrong and how I could face the situation better.

First mistake,

I was emotional which led me to a wrong assessment.

A mountain of grief was created and looking back

I see I could have avoided it.

Second mistake,

I took the situation as a personal  attack

which   blinded my judgement

and confused the situation immensely.

Third mistake:

I dwelt in it longer than I should

which rather than resolving it efficiently,

brought unnecessary pain and discomfort.

When that happens to you please don’t make the same

mistakes as I did.

Keep your head clear and think.

Reacting is fruitless.

Acting, is where the focus should be.

Puzzles are made of pieces.

The image is already there.

Seek the image and the pieces will be found.