grim water

Change, is the only constant in Life

deal with it!

Unhappiness is part of life

deal with it!

Surprises do happen

deal with it!

Complications come to stay  awhile

deal with it!

Moments vary  in intensity

deal with it !

This   internal dialogue  proves to be helpful.

It takes us out of the “pit”

elevating the mind to deal with “rough patches”

we all experience at some point or another.

It is so easy to remain “glued” on the why

easy to forget,where rainbows come from

easy to tailspin when we need to stand still

easy to be overwhelmed by life’s

twists and turnings.

Don’t forget to remember

( I  often seem to )

Life is about receiving experience

it’s about learning

how to deal with it.

It is also about remembering to Be♥Live.

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