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moon and umbrella




Walk away…. walk away …

whispers fond inside stray

times are gone

windows closed

gates impenetrable

heart is cold

walk away …walk away

barren rainbows 

sow disarray 

illusions  past, boast

dramas, control alive prey

walk away walk away

ghosts arise

swords drawn

LOvE in fear

begs  Today





nude art (



the Universe doesn’t grant us  wishes no matter how noble they are .

Accept it with Grace


through disappointment,

new thought bears  seed

and blossoms

when time is right.

Accept it with Grace.


we should be brave and accept

the results  even if  they are opposite  to our expectations.

Accept it with Grace.


intuition does  ease the path before us and makes it easier for us to accept shortcuts.

Be Grateful.


mistakes are made specifically for us

to learn where we took a wrong turn and grow wiser.

Accept it with Grace.


flower and candle




The stages of the work. … from Riso and Hudson (1999) The wisdom of the Enneagram.

If we were to really observe ourselves

we would become aware of our tensions and habits.

If we were to become aware of our tensions and habits,

we would let go and relax.

If we were to let go and relax,

we would be aware of sensations.

If we were to be aware of sensations,

we would receive impressions.

If we were to receive impressions,

we would awaken to the moment.

If we were to awaken to the moment,

we would experience reality.

If we were to experience reality

we would see that we are not the personality.

If we were to see that we are not the personality,

we would remember ourselves.

If we were to remember ourselves

we would let go of our fears and attachments.

If we were to let go of our fears and attachments,

we would be touched by God.

If we were touched by God,

we would seek union with God.

If we were to seek union with God,

we would will what God wills.

If we were to will what God wills,

we would be transformed.

If we were transformed,

the world would be transformed.

if the world were transformed,

all would return to God. “

May it be so ….

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aqua Today I battled for Peace….but Peace did not find.

Today I LOVed UnConditionally….and Love returned.

wE can fight other people’s battles and we may or may not succeed.

The important thing is We have Tried…

WE meet resistance by their immediate environment….

they read our intentions as mirrors of their own   and we begin to think there is something wrong with us.

There is where we have to be strong…remembering Who WE are ♥what our intentions are and try to be detached.

I know not if I will succeed but I do know I have tried my best.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend

SweetAngelHearts xxx






Illusion clouds dark,

thicken bound…

heart rides Divine bout

 intensity tainted 




Mind struggles

thought entangled


lame lost lesser trail

Source remains

firm  frame fossil


Feeling pressures

Dante’s adventures

in dream visit

known, elected

subconscious fame.

  Choose to fly

Choose to tie

Eternity calls

fill the oath.

grim water

Change, is the only constant in Life

deal with it!

Unhappiness is part of life

deal with it!

Surprises do happen

deal with it!

Complications come to stay  awhile

deal with it!

Moments vary  in intensity

deal with it !

This   internal dialogue  proves to be helpful.

It takes us out of the “pit”

elevating the mind to deal with “rough patches”

we all experience at some point or another.

It is so easy to remain “glued” on the why

easy to forget,where rainbows come from

easy to tailspin when we need to stand still

easy to be overwhelmed by life’s

twists and turnings.

Don’t forget to remember

( I  often seem to )

Life is about receiving experience

it’s about learning

how to deal with it.

It is also about remembering to Be♥Live.

sem floresta final as iu mn

Life is a challenge I hope you agree.

Maybe sometimes it’s less challenging than others, for some.

My focus today is: when things get a bit heavy.

All “part of the plan”;

I strongly believe nothing happens by chance .

So how do we face  problems come knocking on our door?

Having recently been in a similar situation

I can now look back and retrace my reactions and feelings,

where, I went wrong and how I could face the situation better.

First mistake,

I was emotional which led me to a wrong assessment.

A mountain of grief was created and looking back

I see I could have avoided it.

Second mistake,

I took the situation as a personal  attack

which   blinded my judgement

and confused the situation immensely.

Third mistake:

I dwelt in it longer than I should

which rather than resolving it efficiently,

brought unnecessary pain and discomfort.

When that happens to you please don’t make the same

mistakes as I did.

Keep your head clear and think.

Reacting is fruitless.

Acting, is where the focus should be.

Puzzles are made of pieces.

The image is already there.

Seek the image and the pieces will be found.





where to turn…

present ply

moments of peace

broken Divine.

myriad thoughts

invade soul

spreading around

virus mort.


seeking, making


insane sinews

heavy weft

guarding heart’s innocence

veil vile

world decadent


preserve decline .

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