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bluegirl Nicole Anne Chew


Do you feel sometimes,

you might have done things differently

yet you didn’t?

A small mistake or oversight can

bring a lot of grief

especially when we  least expect it.

Make no mistake, more often than not, it does.

We are surprised,hurt and indignant.

The consequences become a rainbow of sorrow.

Now we have to face up to, and deal with it.

Are we at fault?

Yes, in so far as we could have done

our homework,”in resolving issues”

yet we didn’t.

The next step will determine or rather

create further steps towards minimizing the effect.

First of all put out the fires of revenge,regret,guilt.

What happened, did happen.

The weight of consequence is still  there,

Brace up with courage and work through it.

It takes strength not to go under.

You must not.

we need to assume a dynamic to prevent further grief.

Remember  nothing  stops a process

but  we can avert further complications.

Be Strong,Be Brave, Be Wise


Sheila Wolk Chameleon


Feel the sorrow

let go

feel the joy

let go

feel the present moment

let go

feel the warmth of memories

let go

feel the heart breaking

let go

let go

what has been shall pass

let go

what comes shall pass

let go

let go

stay centred


let the heart embrace InFinity

let go

let go

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